Leasing artwork could be the solution you have been looking for.  Jared Michael offers attractive arrangements that allow you to lease original artwork in periodic time cycles.

Maybe you are looking to keep things fresh in your office or corporate space and would like a revolving flow of news works.  Maybe you are still unsure of whether a piece would work well in your home and you would like to “try it on” for a while.  Maybe you are in real estate and would like to stage your showings with high-end quality artwork without the hassle of owning and storing it. Possibly you are looking to acquire a piece and would like to avoid paying outright for it.  Whatever the case may be, we are here to serve you.

Works are leased directly between you (the client) and Jared Michael (the company).  

Leasing Costs:  Monthly payments for leasing are 3% of the price of the leased artwork. There is no maximum to the number of works to be leased as long as a sufficient security deposit is provided.

Term: The minimum term is three (3) months to be paid at the time of submitting the signed agreement.

Maximum leasing term:  there is no limit to the time that the client lease the artwork; however, only the first year lease charges will be applied as a credit if you, (the client) choose to exercise the right toward a buyout, as outlined below.

Buyout: You, (the client), may purchase the leased artwork at any time. All leasing charges paid (excluding installation charges) during the first year will be credited toward the buyout price.

Because artwork can look different in person than it does on a monitor, we offer a complimentary private viewing for our clients upon request.

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