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Challenges & Solutions

It has become quite comical to me how I still surprise myself with each passing revelation. It is as though each ah-ha moment has me meeting me for the first time.

Roughly six weeks back now I took on a new round of personal, 1 on 1, coaching. I had my struggles sure but the real reason for accepting this challenge and journey was to press into my next level up. To be honest, my thinking at the time was to just keep my head down and try to move forward as best I could. In reality, I had plateaued and the irritation I was experiencing was stemming from that. The most major of my issues has been just how naive I was and continue to be. If I were to grade myself two months ago it would likely have been a lot higher than how I’d grade myself today. Personal health, fitness, overall wellness, failing.. Relationships, marriage, parenthood, failing… Yet, not all hope was lost, I was at least aware at that time to grade myself accurately in business, FAILING.

Now, to my benefit, my self proclaimed super power is the ability to be savagely honest and completely transparent with myself. I have no problem taking accountability for me, my actions and my results. If we’re getting real honest around here, I just have no idea what I am doing when it comes to this business of art thing. Even more so, the business of business itself..

Look I am a visionary, a dreamer, an artist, a designer, a builder. All of those things that have captivated my interest and led me to this awesome place in life have also been the things that have distracted me from growing in the very thing I want to succeed at in life. Between the two poles of imagination land and hands on craftsmanship lie those very practical skill sets that I’ve yet to develop. Through this process of coaching I’ve gotten a much greater sense of clarity around the actions that I believe are necessary to grow, not just as an artist, but in my business of art. I’ve been super inconsistent in this one area, posting blogs, amongst many other things. I’ve begun organizing my ideas, to-do’s, priorities and processes in a way that I have not done before. It has actually given me the ability to produce and output more that I could have ever done previously. As an aside, one super cool tool I’ve discovered lately is a cloud app called “Notion”. It is a one stop, centralized, shop for all of my aforementioned information and has quickly become my go to for keeping myself organized like never before! So major kudos to them, I am super grateful for this discovery. If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking them out for yourself!

Now aside from being a fan of my art and hopefully buying one of my pieces someday, it is my greatest hope that we truly get to know each other and connect on a deeper level. I have experienced so much power and tons of benefit from being an open book with others and hopefully is some way this write up connects with you. At the very least I can lean on you to be my accountabilibuddy in being committed to this writing journey because writing is something I genuinely love to do!

Before I sign off though, I’d like to share one of my current goals. I am committed to massively growing my mailing list and doubling it by the end of this year. I would be so honored if you took a moment to drop in your information and subscribe to my newsletter. On a bi-weekly basis I provide updates on new work, showings, behind the scenes information, and crazy exclusive offers on my art that you won’t be getting anywhere, even a few curveball special features along the way. I promise to make it worth your while!

Thank you so much for hangin’ here with me, I can’t wait to chat with you again soon!

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