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Drive by Testify

Hey, my name is Jared.

A couple months back our campus pastor encouraged us all to share our testimonies with people.  She talked about taking an elevator pitch approach, a testify drive-by so to speak.

Over the last two years I’ve struggled a lot with how to explain this single indescribable experience I had to others. I’m such a context guy that I can literally go full on paralysis by analysis so bad that it holds me back from sharing any story at all.  So I’m just going to rip the bandaid off.

I suffered the horrific effects of post traumatic stress for about 18 years of my life. 10 of those years I was an addict. I was super depressed with crushing anxiety and was suicidal enough times I scared myself.  I suffered in silence mostly. One day, in 2013, the internal pain was so intense I made a life altering decision to change. I slowly dug myself out of the gutter, quit the vices, and poured my heart into developing myself through reading, lectures, sermons and podcasts. I began reading the Bible here and there. I started to understand Faith. I started to prayed more. I allowed myself to build a personal relationship with God. I was called back to counseling in February 2020. I underwent a treatment called “Lifespan Integration Therapy”.  Inside of that experience Jesus appeared before me face to face. The silence was deafening. I saw the radiance of his Spirit and in one swift Big Bang like explosion I was hit with a shock wave of power in the form of Love that was beyond anything conceivable or explainable with words.  In a suspended moment of timelessness everything was washed clean. It was a total blow out, a complete restoration of peace in my mind and body. September 28, 2020 was the last day I experienced any symptom of post traumatic stress. That day a million pound weight was lifted off of my soul.

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