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Get Wisdom.

Years ago when I began studying Spanish, I’d leverage any tool I could to help me better understand what words meant. I love the etymology dictionary, I can cross reference word roots in numerous languages and unravel new meanings to any word. Although it wasn’t until I actually spent time in Mexico where I truly began to “understand” the meanings of certain words. It was a steady stream of revelation from one word to another.

This last winter I bought myself a combination New International Version/ Nueva Versión Internacional Bible. For the first time I began seeking revelation in my second language and boy did I ever get it.

I went first to my favorite book and chapter, Proverbs 4:7.


La sabiduría es lo primero. ¡Adquiere sabiduría!

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom

My mind immediately snapped back to a moment at dinner listening to conversations between my dear friend Alec and his right hand man René . We would be talking about the days events and some of the new visions, ideas and design concepts we were coming up with. Then I would see Alec pause, as though he was reflecting on something.. He would turn his head to the side, looking at René and say, “Sabes que René..” ...and then start in talking about what just came to his mind. It doesn’t sound all that profound, “You know what René..” but what’s behind those words, the experience of what I watched is beyond profound.

Sabiduría, “Wisdom” according to Solomon is the only thing that matters. It’s the principle thing. Wisdom is not a surface level, mental connection of word definitions. It is not an “ok, I got it”. Wisdom is an experience lived in the spirit. It’s when we draw closer to Him, a moment when we catch a brief glimpse of the mind of God, when his Image is revealed and comes alive inside of us. Those are the moments where we struggle to find the “right words”.

That is Sabiduría.

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1 Comment

Keep sharing, I enjoy your art and your words. Fascinating that Inspiration comes from words but makes sense in your art. Appreciate you

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