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What an awesome opportunity to paint at the 2nd Annual LIVE LOUD festival! Put on by Anthem Coffee, this local event is a way to celebrate artists and makers alike.

It's been sometime since I have done anything like this, but it felt like knocking the dust off a bike and riding again. Four local artists, including myself, were set as the backdrop behind various musical groups. At the bottom of a concrete amphitheater, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of city dwellers browsing the wears of local vendors from the Tacoma Night Market, we painted on into the dusk on a hot summer night. Whatever got into me on this day was all business! Once things got underway I ended up zoning out SUPER hard. I felt bad a couple times when Bryan Reynolds, owner of Anthem Coffee, would ask me, "This is so fun Jay! Are you having fun man?!" ..and I'm staring blankly through him, totally emotionless.

One thing I noticed is that I didn't spend much time talking with people hanging out at the festival, I did catch up with a bunch of old friends near the end of the night which made the day for me. The people I did talk to though, located in the beer garden above the amphitheater, seemed to be enjoying the event and shared many nice words about my work. Again, thank you for the kind words everyone.

Regarding the pieces, I think they all came out cool and am fairly pleased with mine. We all rocked these very nice, high quality, 48" x 72" canvases, which is just the kind of sizing I like! I had a decent sized die cut stencil hanging around in the studio that I decided to use last minute which really helped speed up the process.

Overall, a really fun day and super cool opportunity! Thank you to everyone who put on the event, hung out and the event and supported in their own way.

On to the next!

>> Special thanks to B Line Dot for the invitation to paint with the crew and Brandon Hendricks for the awesome photos!

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