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I revisited a very special photo the other day. This photo popped back into my sphere of awareness at exactly the right time and it got me really thinking about a few things, as it if I don’t do enough of that anyway..

Just recently, I dove back into the complete reader set of Neville Goodard’s books. If you do not know of Neville’s work, please for your own sake go and read his work immediately after you are done with my blog post. In short, the body of his work revolves around the very real fact that our imagination creates our reality.

This photo was taken just after sun down at Sunset Monalisa in Cabo San Lucas almost two years ago. The previous two weeks from that moment were spent painting a large scale mural at a private residence in town. My dear friend Alec treated me to a wonderful dinner to celebrate the completion of all the hard work we had done at his residence over the last 6 months. It was a very special moment in time that I will treasure the rest of my life. This photo encapsulates that whole period of time in my life.

So, how is it that I got to that point?

This is what I have been spending a good deal of mental energy on lately. Asking questions to my memory and replaying these scenes from my past. It is true that I, through the power of imagination, brought into manifestation this experiential reality for myself. Yet, do not be confused, the experience as a whole had some very high highs and some very low lows. It was sort of like a teenager who had been behind the wheel of a car once or twice being thrown the keys to a new Lamborghini, I knew just enough about this power of manifestation to put myself in some very dangerous situations.

One of my great mentors once said to me, “You know what makes life rich Jared? The details..” More and more, the echo of his voice saying those words rings through my head and I am left astonished to the depth of that well of revelation. As I continue to become aware of all the nuances of imagined reality, there are more ways or processes being developed within me that are assisting me in doing greater and greater works. Like building a stately mansion, our vision needs concrete foundation to build off of and the details are what bring it to a more vibrant and glorious state of manifestation. This is my current state of learning, developing upon the details.

The months of March and April tend to be a time every year where the earth is being birthed a new and my life is in the midst of transitioning to a new phase. What is true is that I am looking forward to some epic adventures to come in the very near future, I’ve seen them in mind. Yet, knowing how God works, there will be some things manifested that are still just a little too hard to imagine..

..for the good.

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