National Barista Champion

For someone who's caffeine levels are so high that I am essentially levitating my way through life, I know nothing about the coffee industry.

In the last year though, I've become aware that there are some BIG things going on locally in that industry and the Northwest is home to some of it's heavy hitters.

Samantha Spillman of Dillanos Coffee Roasters conquered the nation in Kansas City, Missouri back in March and took with her the title of National Barista Champion.

Around the end of April, her Husband, Brian known as "B Line Dot" reached out and asked if I would be interested in painting during an event Sam would be throwing at Dillanos. It had been quite sometime since I painted live for events but I am always open to A) Painting anything and B) hanging out for anything fun so of course I said yes. Through the back and forth, the night before the event, I asked him for the address in Seattle..

I told you I know nothing about this industry.

Located in Sumner Washington, Dillanos Coffee Roasters Corporate is a MONSTROUS facility that I quickly discovered is a glorious fusion of playhouse and jobsite. From my business experience, when you can not tell where the lines between work and play are located, you know something magical is happening in the culture of the company. I was caught off guard to say the least.

The event itself was a localized competition in house at Dillanos celebrating the Champ and her recent victory earlier this year. It was great to finally met Sam and a whole bunch of great people at Dillanos. I left feeling super grateful for the experience and looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Live and Loud event later in the summer.

Using your mission statement as the filter for opportunities is something I learned last year from Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee and I am happy to say that this experience was in full alignment with that purpose.

I'm not sure where that painting will end up but what I do know is that wherever it ends up inside Dillanos, it will add value, life and beauty to that environment.

..and that is what I am here on this planet to do.

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