NFT Talk | Part 1, Who?

I think it’s safe to say that if I am the one talking about this to you the question should answer itself lol.

Let’s dive a little deeper though.

With all my art experience and building experience I’ve struggled to find the “connection” between those two worlds. There have been numerous times where people have made mention that I should start making metal art and use the experience from my welding career in my artwork. Even more so, I’ve had many conversations where a random idea was presented where I could utilize my building experience. All of them were great ideas, all of them very valid. Yet, it was always a problem of thinking, particularly mine, that held me back.

In 2015, I was presented with the opportunity to take on the drafting responsibilities for the company I work for. I started by familiarizing myself with the program and CAD programs in general. I began watching as many tutorial videos as possible. Luckily for me, the products I started out drawing were all super simple shapes and that allowed me the space to get familiar with functioning inside of the program. Through time I began using the program to design other products and equipment within the sphere of my world at the company. This year we made the transition to a new program and again I had to learn many new tools within that interface. The more I learned, the more I began to see new images of what I could do using the program.

As a builder, as an artist, as a maker I love things that are tangible. I love to put my hands on something. I am a substance type of guy. Reflecting upon my art career, I can see how every angle I approached my artwork from was through the lens of “tangibility”. All end outcomes were tied to something material in nature. Most of my paintings start out with a few ideas that begin to coalesce in ProCreate or Photoshop and end up as a digital blueprint. From there it is a matter of showing up to the painting and painting it. Similarly, with my work in designing, all things have an end outcome that is tied to something tangible, a “thing” in the material world that you can touch and feel. All designs end as a blueprint, the blueprint goes to the maker, the maker makes the thing.

It wasn’t until very recently when I began exploring the world of cryptocurrency and NFT’s where my mind was able to finally make that connection from the one dot to another. In fact, when it did, it happened so quickly, and the rush of new ideas was so overwhelming that I am still working to process through it all and remain composed. The opportunities are so extraordinary and so unlimited. For a lack of better terms, it’s mind blowing. When it comes to me, the traits, and characteristics of “Jared”, one of my greatest strengths is something that I learned in the Marine Corps. In the face of uncertainty, newness, instability, challenge, or chaos, it is ingrained in me to act. Most of the time I will agree it’s messy, its uneducated at best and nowhere near perfection but I just know how to move my ass and do.

That’s where I find myself in all of this. That is where I am at, all in.

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