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Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

I’m not sure “where you’re at” right now, but there is one thing I know to be true. At the end of next year, you’ll want to be in a “different place”.

Thanksgiving week lands right on the back side of the halfway point of quarter 4. Aside from my 45 day check up on the current quarter, this is the time where I focus on writing down my dreams, ideas, goals, and plans for the year to come. I have never once sat and thought to myself, you know it would be awesome if I was in the exact same place next year. What I have done, many times, is grapple with myself regarding my dreams and ideas. Is this dream realistic? Aren’t dreams supposed to stretch me and be unrealistic? Should I attempt this new thing? Am I even supposed to do that thing? Isn’t that going to be a distraction from the other main thing I should be doing? Despite all the extraordinary frustration at times, I have persevered. Even more importantly, I’ve learned somethings along the way..

Maybe some of you know my story of having to build myself back up from nothing or maybe you don’t but the most significant area in my life that I have had to build, from scratch, is my foundation. I needed a baseline structure of how to just being a decent functioning human being and trust me that’s been a hard task just in itself. Well, I am happy to say I feel far along that path now. But yeah, wait, check this out..

And this may even be crazy to some of you..

Just this year, THIS YEAR, 2022, I’ve started to get extremely clear on mine and my family’s values, mission, and vision. Yeah… So, some of you a little further down the path might say dang, well good for you man. But I know there will be others who will say, Values? Mission? Vision?

Over the holiday, as I sat in the chair next to the fire and starred out the window, I began to look at my visions and my dreams for the future. For the first time I weighed them against my latest baseline. My values, the mission, and the vision. I reflected on a word in a talk my friend Bryan Reynolds had given a couple years back. He said, “whenever I have an opportunity come my way, I put it through the filter of the mission statement first. It will give you a very clear answer when it spits out the other side. It’s either going to be a hard yes or a hard no.”

If you had to write down your values, mission, and vision at this moment right now, would you take a moment to pause? or would your hand just start writing? If you find yourself pausing, my guess is that you may also not be clear on everything else that comes downstream from that starting point. For a long time, I hadn’t been either.

As 2022 draws to a close, take some time to seriously reflect on your foundation and structure. Do the work now. Spend time writing, get it out on paper and really look at it. I believe you will receive tremendous revelation and insight. Set yourself up for major success by providing yourself with massive clarity on your path. I’ve seen how these actions have made and continue to make an impact on my life. I firmly believe that if you show up to this work it will bless you greatly.

I’m massively proud of you for showing up in life and the massive breakthrough you have seen and will see in your life.

God Bless.

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