Puerto Paraiso

Puerto Paraiso

My mind works in analogy.

Imagine if you will a pipeline. The pressure and flow of what is coming out of one end of the pipe is in direct ratio to what is going into the pipe on the other end. A dam is also a great example. With a dam you are restricting flow. The side down stream is getting a trickle while the back end has the weight of an entire lake or river being held back in place. Electrical cables could be another decent analogy but the dam will do for now.

I tend to think of “our power” or consciousness in a similar light. Try working out or running several miles under a great deal of internal stress. Your muscles are super tight, your form is off, “I have no energy” is likely what you’ll hear yourself say. There are nothing but problems on the backend of this experience. Now approach the same experience in a totally relaxed state and what happens? You lift harder, you run faster, you can maintain endurance over a longer period of time, YOU HAVE ENERGY! There is life!!

This principle, in my life, takes form in numerous expressions but one in particular definitely pertains to my work. One of my strengths for sure is idea generation. Things pop into my head all the time, at certain times they feel like full on program downloads.. It’s a crazy experience inside my head and, full transparency, figuring out how to manifest some of them has been and continues to be a great source of frustration and confusion in my life. I have also become a fanatical note taker over the course of the last 5 years. This act alone has helped me tremendously and is likely responsible for me being able to hold onto the little remaining sanity I have left in this life.

I have learned to blend this note taking though in the physical world and attach them to mental pictures of these ideas and visions inside my head. It is similar to taking a handful of pictures of a car and then writing up an ad to sell it, your building an “vision”. Yet, during the last handful of years in my life, my daily life took me over and I began to notice that as I had ideas for paintings I would become increasing agitated. Receiving ideas, taking notes, looking into references, etc etc wasn’t cutting it anymore.. Things would stall out over longer courses of time, works would go unfinished, I would receive newer better ideas and other works would never manifest. My life force, that energy that wants to express itself through us felt like the lake on the back side of the damn, constipated, stuck inside of me. All of this was a great source of pain.

One of the greatest blessings of late has been aligning my daily life with my purpose in this life. I feel super grateful to be able to connect that energy in the cycle of life and keep that flow going. Realign my energy with output and reconnect the dots. As well, I am beginning to feel an excitement building within me that has been dormant for years and dare I say parts of me resurrecting that in past days I once thought would be dead forever. A lot of that is still deep down inside but I have had glimmers. I have had moments of hope.

Shown Above: Puerto Paraiso | Parte Uno y Dos | 20” x 40” combination panels. Based on my travels back and forth to Cabo San Lucas this year. The time of idea reception to painted and manifest was relatively short, I am incredibly happy about that. God bless.