There is still much to do at the Studio de Jay Michael. Yet, as I wrap up a few loose ends, the real work begins.

Over the last 6 months I‘ve invested the majority of my energy in manifesting the dream of this studio. The persuasion of energy and will power I drove into this Creation, this infrastructure, has given me a taste of something special. It is a better high than any drug I ever pumped my nose, it is raw POWER. It is liberating and I feel, for the first time in over half a lifetime, free.

As I begin the transition into my art career full time I have been asked a handful of the same questions. The question I am the most aware of hearing is..

Are you nervous?

The funny thing is, that for the first time, and very interestingly enough for someone knowing fear very intimately, I feel nothing. I do not feel even one vibratory tick of fear or worry. I joined the Marine Corps at 18 years old, I've been attacked, I've attacked people, I've been in fights, I've had guns pulled on me, I have pulled guns on other people, I've lost people I have loved, I have lost parts of myself, been broken, I have been hurt, deeply hurt.. I can think of many things that would and can cause worry, doubt and fear.

Yet, at this moment in my life, I feel totally fearless.

This, I believe, is true alignment.

I'm so grateful and appreciative to everyone who has supported and will support me on this journey. It only tastes so much sweeter due to contrast. Times of great opposition I have known before.

Love you all.