The big deal is awareness.

With “Type for Today” done and out of the way, I am moving on to my next endeavor.

The huge take away from that 100 day challenge is my renewed focus on the fundamentals. In any craft or profession, as we grow and develop, it is super easy to look down stream. Our sights get set on learning new techniques, tricks or anything that may give us that “edge” or advantage over the competition yet we all, at some point, overlook that most important and basic thing. The fundamentals.

Looking at my work through the lens of the lessons learned over these last 100 days, I have a renewed perspective toward my skill sets and my ability to create artwork. I have a combined, almost 4 decades of experience in graffiti art and the industrial engineering fields. Both of those fields, though they may seem totally unrelated and at the furthest ends of the spectrum, require the exercise and execution of a lot of the same principles, concepts and fundaments. At the end of the day, you’re building something.

With “Type for Today” I really got back to the fundamentals of flow. This is a multifaceted department. Flow, regarding what I am talking about, is the physical act of my body movements in a way that replicates letter forms, i.e. hand/eye coordination. Yet, flow is also structuring the layout of my work in a way that projects outward, to the viewer, energy and movement. Anytime I build a physical structure, either a piece of equipment or a building and ESPECIALLY during any consulting meeting where we are visualizing how to build something, I do a thing I like to call “walk it”. We imagine how the space functions as though it is already built and we are physically using it. The whole point is to become AWARE of how you are going to use the thing, before its even a physical structure, so that any potential problems can be addressed before you build it.

The second stage, after layout, is PROCESS. Process, process, process.. it will, 100%, fuck you if you can’t get it together, i.e. develop one, implement it and execute it until the point of it becoming a second nature action. You will, and I promise, fumble around, stuck in your own goofy stage of learning and growth, until you put a process in place that makes the physical act of the flow happen naturally and totally unobstructed. When I go into a rail yard and paint a piece of graffiti on a boxcar, I have a process. All the way from heading to the yard, getting into the yard, getting situated, all the way to how I actually paint the piece on the rail car, as well as wrapping up the event, getting flicks and calling it all done. Some of the “details” may differ, but in the end I repeat the same process every single time.

With the piece of artwork I have shared in this post, my perspective was completely attuned and focused on those fundamentals. I am so blessed to have recently acquired this iPad with Procreate. This tool has allowed me to really dive into the practice of and work on my fundamentals like never before. While I am in this transition period of building my new studio, my focus is on refining those fundamentals to the highest degree possible. I really want to master them and make them as sharp as possible before I go totally crazy developing new canvas work over the summer.

Yet, when I do, I am going to seriously fuck the game up.