The great and powerful Bob Proctor.

June 2013, there I was sitting on the floor of my living room with my back literally against the wall and I was crying like a fuckin’ uncontrollable moron. I had just spent the last decade of my life in what seemed like a never ending internal living hell. Exhausted and in total desperation, I was seeking answers.

I watched this movie on YouTube one day, it was fucking corny but I knew there was some wisdom to it. My lightning fast brain did what any modern day genius does and I started Googling the cast of this movie. Then I started watching some of their videos. There was a lot of great things being talked about in these talks and I was getting excited for once. I’ll never forget though, looking at the thumbnail of this old guy and clicking on the link, “Bob Proctor- The science of getting rich”. For the next 6 months, every single day, I watched the entire 2 hour seminar on YouTube. In those 2 short hours of video, Bob Proctor touched on topics that connected things on the inside of me. My life, from that moment forward, would never be the same again.

I think we all at some point come to an understanding that regardless of our purpose in life, it all starts and ends with growth. The cycles are continuous and endless, they simply start all over again. Whether you start at the beginning or the end you are forever in a transitioning moment forward. The forward progression is growth, it is life itself. You may or may not get anything from the mans' message but I encourage you to listen to one of hundreds of videos and talks Bob has on YouTube. The man is full of wisdom.

Cheers to you Bob and thank you for your service to humanity.