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The hero's journey.

"Type for Today"

Day1 | 100

I will not lie and say this was business as usual. Getting back to this piece of my life has been long a time coming and this was a tremendously emotional experience for me. I was very observant of my awareness through this work. The different states of my thoughts, emotions and the state of my body. Incredible learning experience as well. If you aren't aware of it at this point, the theme of this project has heavy influences from Joseph Campbell's work "The Power of Myth". I have studied in depth many differing fields, things like philosophy, mythology, theology, archeology, and ancient cultures amongst other things.. They are all very intriguing to me and I enjoy the endeavor of discovery. Yet, this last week, when I watched Bill Moyers six part mini-series on "The Power of Myth" it connected so many dots in my head. It hit deeply hidden parts of my psyche and sparked something inside me that I am still trying to figure out how to articulate. The point is that I know it enough to act on it and this first work is dedicated to his memory and to the rest of you out there, who just like myself, are trying to find their way.

Love you all..

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