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The return to Cabo San Lucas

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Let’s be honest, how could anyone not be excited to go to Cabo once let alone back to back?

I wish I could say that I laid in a hammock for endless days at a resort, sucking down mango pina coladas’ while listening to Los Angeles Azules but that’s not the case. I’m back on business but I did promise myself I will have that experience one day. I think the best way to describe what I am doing in Cabo San Lucas

is threefold.

First, I am an investor in a partnership developing a business that serves high end luxury residences and their home owners. Second, I have been hired by my partner to paint a large scale mural at his current project which is a large “party house/office/home”. And third, which I did not intend on, was being drug into their current wedding/event company as their art director. Pretty intense change of events yes but regardless of what I have been doing or am doing the goal remains the same, I am just there to help. If I can help and impart a blessing in someone or a businesses life, I’m there.

Excited to see where my life goes with this opportunity in Cabo San Lucas.

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