The story of the thief..

Whether you are a new viewer of my artwork or someone who has been following my work for a while, it will become obvious to you at some point that I draw heavy influences from Christian mythology. I love all mythology as a whole and try to imbue a sense of a story and deeper meaning in the viewer of my work.

This series of digital prints I have been working on is a great experiment for me on many levels. First, and most challenging, has been learning how to create on a digital platform what I would paint on a canvas AND make it look essentially the same exact way. Second, and much less challenging, was developing the story.

My hope with these, and any piece of work I create, is to have the viewer pause for a moment. I can imagine someone bringing their body to a stop and observing them as they detach for a moment from this world and engage with the movie that is taking place in their mind. I want to spark thought, deeper thought, engaged thinking. I want to talk to people about that experience, hear their stories and perspective.