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Think and Grow Rich, The Carnegie Secret.

I first read Think and Grow Rich in the fall of 2013. 

 I vaguely remember my dad having some books on the shelf from Zig Ziglar when I was younger but when it came to anything personal development, I was totally fucking clueless. 

What struck me when I first picked up the book was and likely is what strikes most people. The Carnegie Secret! What is the Carnegie Secret?  Napoleon Hill eludes to this secret so much and looking back I became more obsessed with finding it everytime I read the book.  

Hell, I have no idea how many times I have read this book but I do know that it’s been at least one year since I touched it last.  Six months ago, or more, I let my brother-in-law borrow it and this week I picked it back up from him.  I’ve been dying to dig back into it!

As I have shared before I am an avid student of Bob Proctor’s material. That man has been reading Think and Grow Rich for over 50 years!  So after watching several of Bob’s seminars again, I really needed to get back into that book!

I wish I could just flat out tell you what the secret is.  The problem is that it’s so basic and so simple that if I just told you, you wouldn’t get it.  I truly believe that what is revealed to you is revered by you.

So I sat on my couch last night and picked up the book. I thumbed through to the authors preface and dove in. As I flipped over to Chapter 1, I read the first sentence of the book... and then, I closed the book.  

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