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Jared Michael is a multifaceted artist, builder, and designer based in Tacoma, Washington. A self-taught graffiti writer with over 25 years of experience, Jared has a deep passion for the written word, which is confidently reflected in his artwork. Following completion of the welding/fabrication program at Spokane Community College in 2007, Jared embarked on a career in heavy industrial manufacturing. In the past 8 years, he has independently studied numerous CAD design programs, putting his skill sets to use in a variety of design projects both artistic and commercial.

Having first encountered graffiti art in 1997, his high school years were marked by an intense and all-consuming passion for the craft. However, in 2002 his life took a dark turn when, at 18 years old and serving in the Marine Corps, he escaped a near death experience. This event proved to be the catalyst for an uncontrollable tailspin of sorts, as the following years would be wrought with addiction and indescribable personal suffering. Despite persistent adversity, he unconsciously sought out structure and purpose in his life. Jared would claw his way through over the course of the next decade with graffiti as a cornerstone of foundation.  In those early, turbulent years, he managed to create some of his best pieces of graffiti art to date.  


Approaching his 30s, Jared’s life again took a turn as the momentum of his graffiti career paralleled his building career. This time, for the positive as he gained traction. While simultaneously working to master the fundamental laws of building, he began to dream again and expand his vision for a new artist expression. Jared faced a pivotal moment that required a life-altering decision. Channeling his self-destructive energy into a relentless desire for self-improvement, he embarked on a journey of intense spiritual and personal growth, resulting in an ever-evolving actualization of self.


Today, Jared is a testament to the power of perseverance, embodying a spirit of revival and reformation that inspires those around him. He has dedicated himself to celebrating the champions and honoring those who have overcome. Through a variety of mediums, including painted works on canvas, metal sculptures, live events, mural installations, and lifestyle enhancement projects, Jared is best able to provide a tangible way for winners to be recognized and celebrated. His works serve as an elegant reminder of the grueling nature of triumph and the bittersweet taste of victory.


Winners deserve to be celebrated and Jared Michael provides them trophies.


Jared Michael


Tacoma, Washington 

Solo Exhibitions:

Sola Scriptura, Madsen Gallery. Los Altos, CA 2024

Evening Feature, Fathom Gallery. 2023 


Group Exhibitions:

Tacoma in Seattle, River Gallery. 2023 

Public Collection:

"Refresh" Stadium Anthem. Tacoma, Wa. 2022

“OHNO.” Point Ruston Anthem. Tacoma, Wa. 2019


Private Collection:

"1:27". Collection. Bellevue, Wa. 2023

“She Said”. Collection. Olympia, Wa. 2022

“The Life”. Collection. Tacoma, Wa. 2022

“Remain In”. Collection. Tacoma, Wa. 2022

“Speak Life”. Collection. Nashville, Tn. 2022

“Impress”. Collection. Tacoma, Wa. 2021

“Manifestation”. Collection. Atlanta, Ga. 2021

“Lords Prayer”. Collection. Tacoma, Wa. 2019

“Play”. Collection. Tacoma, Wa. 2019


Publications & Media:

"Ten of us". Fosters Creative. Tacoma, Wa. 2023

“Next Chapter”. McKinley Art Corridor. Tacoma, Wa. 2022

“Hope is not cancelled”. KUOW News. Seattle, Wa. 2020




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