Hi, my name is Jared Michael.  I am an artist, designer and builder from Tacoma, Washington.   I have 25 years of experience as a self-taught graffiti writer, 16 years of experience as a welder/fabricator building heavy industrial manufacturing plants and 8 years of experience working with CAD design programs. 


I was first exposed to graffiti art in my early teen years and over the course of my high school years, an unrivaled passion for graffiti would become an all-consuming and driving force in my life. 


 At 18 years old, while serving in the Marine Corps, my life came to a near and dramatic ending.  A moment that altered the course of my life would shortly thereafter become the catalyst for a tailspin into the depths of an indescribable experience of suffering.  Numerous years of drug and alcohol addiction that piled up on top of the lingering effects of PTSD, would degrade my mental state with obsessive perseverance.  Though this nightmare would continue over the course of a decade, graffiti would provide me with a continuous outlet of expression and a fleeting piece of structure in my life.  In the darkest years, I would create some of my best pieces of graffiti art and learn very important foundational lessons that I carry with me to this day.  Approaching my 30’s, I hit a fork in the road and was forced to make a life altering choice.  Transmuting an intense drive for self-destruction into an obsession for study, I set out on a path of intense spiritual and personal development, manifesting a journey of resurrection, revival, and reformation in my life.


Today, infused and saturated in the word, my mission is to celebrate the successes of life’s journey and to encourage, support and serve others on their own path to greatness.  With large scale works on canvas, mural installations, and collaboration on design projects, I am best able to help enhance one’s lifestyle experience.  A nearly exclusive education from the experiences of life and freedom from the constraints of academia allows me the space to create from an unlimited place of authenticity.  With a distinct ability to manipulate and harmonize color, contrast, composition, and matching that with a balanced infusion of various handwritings or type designs, I present a style that is exclusively and unarguably Jared Michael.