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Tacoma in Seattle

A two-day, group exhibition, art show at River Gallery in Seattle, Washington. 

In the early spring of 2023, I haphazardly stumbled upon a new body of work while designing.  The collection just sort of fell out of the ether as I continued exploring each creative impression.  In about an hour, with the greatest ease I think I've felt while designing, the entire blueprint for "Kardia" or "From the Heart" was manifest.

The collection as a whole was an intimate time of surrender in praise and worship to my God. Four canvases, all 44" x 56", painted with acrylic spray paint and brush make up the main body of work with each highlighting a unique posture of adoration for the Lord.  Furthermore, this collection features my first official metal sculpture at 30" x 108" promoting the title of the collection, "Kardia".


I am so grateful to have been invited to be part of this show by Amy Lewis (artist & curator).

You can read more about this show on her website at the RECAP blog post.


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