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Beyond the Veil. An observance of style.

I love letters, obviously.

A letter is a represented symbol for speech, mouth sounds. Combinations of letters make up words, more complex mouth sounds. Words strung together create innumerable patterns of complex mouth sounds. But what is the significance of it all?

In layman's terms, communication. We are talking about the transfer of one idea, image, or formless and living experience in the mind of one person to the mind of another person. It is in the physical that we feel separate, it is in the thought where we feel as one. To draw this out further, we are intelligent energy seeking expression in all potentially available forms AND it is where we experience it together. Energy is motion and needs a channel to project that motion on the physical plane. Art is a magnificent platform. Art is motion crystalized into form.

The experience of being a human is so fascinating and any student of history may likely agree with this sentiment. The complexity that is humanity is remarkable. Yet, it is not so much of the outside things that are the remarkable part in comparison to what's inside. The consciousness that permeates to and through humans is something that has captivated humans since time immemorial. Furthermore, as far as the current state of humanity is concerned, we have barely scratched the surface of understanding our own consciousness.

For me, when it comes to communicating my own experience (projecting consciousness), art as a platform has provided such an endless well of possibility. Just with words alone I can tap into any language and communicate ideas in a nearly unlimited way. The art becomes a larger symbol of myth and story (experience). It is the bedrock of meaning. It is the journey itself.

When observing an artist, one of the first things we notice is their "style". Now if you were to ask around "what is style?", you would likely get such a broad definition that it will leave you thirsting for greater specificity on the matter. Well, how do we define what style is? We may see "style" and know it, but what are we really looking at? I believe that when we look at the physical result of a thing, we are looking at the totality of thought(consciousness) fully expressed in form. Form being the crystalized state of thought in matter.

For example, in my own experience, I've lived 25 years as a graffiti writer/painter, I've lived 16 years working in the field of welding/fabrication, and the last 7 years designing in various CAD programs. There is an astounding level of growth and development in some very key areas here. Composition, Geometry, Color Theory, all to name a few. I would have great trouble articulating anything on one of those subjects in my writing. Yet, I can communicate my understanding through the action of designing and then painting a piece of art to a much higher degree. Some platforms are better than others when it comes to my desire to express life experience.

For others, on the receiving end of the message being communicated, this may also be true. One may receive and enjoy reading more, one may enjoy cinema, while one may enjoy viewing art. When you look at a piece of my artwork you can see the reflection of my own experience in those areas of development. The totality of my understanding in this experience of living is on full display. Most importantly you can see the story I am telling come to life. You can navigate that story and explore that journey freely in your own imagination.

For that moment in time, inside of that artwork, we are united. We travel together on that journey. We become more connected through thought. We remember through the experience, but for a fleeting moment, the love that we should have for one another.

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