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So, in the event that you do not know, my Instagram account was hacked yesterday. It is the main social media source that I use for sharing content. Although it is unfortunate, all of my other accounts are secure. Aside from the plug being pulled on a network of individuals that I built from scratch; no real harm was done.

More importantly, I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you! See at some point you opted in to following along with me here on my website, and that means the world to me. When all else fails, this is the super source that remains undefeated!

So aside from simply updating you on this minor inconvenience, I do want to update you on what has really been happening behind the scenes.

In the production world of manufacturing, there is a philosophy developed by Toyota that they call "Lean Manufacturing" or some may know it is "Kaizan". For a much better understanding you can Google it and get yourself fully acquainted another time. In regard to what I've been up to, just like we do in the beginning phase of "6S", I have spent some time taking a full and complete audit of my entire business. In short, I did a massive brain dump on paper, getting every area of the business laid out and in the open. The name of the game here is CLARITY, it's all about awareness.

Having done this several times before, I was not surprised at all by what I found. As you could assume from the word "Lean", this process is all about identifying the waste and cutting the fat! So, the last several months has been a process of simplifying as many areas of my business as possible. The reality is that it is a process of identifying the parts of YOU and how YOU show up in your business that create the fat or waste. It is about simplifying, to the highest degree, while growing your output to the highest level of production/output as possible. It's about the systems. It's about your program.

If you have a few moments I would love to have you check out the new layout of my WEBSITE. The website is the first place you will see the result of this simplification process. It is a much friendlier user experience for viewing the pieces in my gallery on the desktop as well as your overall user experience on your mobile device.

As well, I would love to connect you with something else I have been working on. Back in December, I got my YouTube channel off the ground! I would be honored to have you visit my CHANNEL, as it is so near to my heart to share my life experiences and insights with those who may find value or encouragement in it. Please make sure to like, comment, and subscribe as it helps YouTube know how to better stay up to date with my latest content.

In closing, as 2023 continues, look forward to hearing more from me through this platform. It is my desire to grow and cultivate my contact list and network of friends here. Yup, I'm talking to you! I can not wait to share more, as I've got some even more exciting news on the horizon! I look forward to chatting with you again soon and thank you again for your unfailing support!

Much love and God bless!

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