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Updated: Dec 4, 2023

What an honor to be the featured artist for the month of November at Fathom Architecture.

Coming off of the highly anticipated group exhibition, "Tacoma in Seattle", I really wanted to share my vision in an intimate way.

Taking the viewer on a journey of contrast between my experiences painting graffiti and my experiences from industry was an effort to showcase my broader concept of what art is to me.

Featured in this exhibition were my second and third steel sculpture pieces. I am so excited to really begin my journey with metal fabricated sculptures. As I have shared previously, with my experience in heavy industrial manufacturing, metal fabrication is something I do quite well, yet I've not fully given myself the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of what I am truly capable of.

My hope is that this show can inspire others to connect with and fully embrace all the skillsets that someone may possess and see how they can extract it out of themselves. I've found when we try new things and expose ourselves, vulnerabilities in all, others tend to see an act of courage more than imperfect results.

You can view the show in my gallery at

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1 Comment

Well done sir, I always enjoy the posts and appreciate your art. It really makes me think about things, mainly it invokes the creativity that you possess. Happy holidays and keep it up. I still want one of those in my new house. I will let you know when I see the right one!!

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