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The Substance of Things Hoped for..

What is up everybody!!

Hey, thank you so much for dropping by to check out this latest blog post. I wanted to take a little time to dive deeper into the story and add further context to my newest body of work, The Certus Collection.

This last fall, I went through a treatment of sorts with my counselor and the work that it took to make it successful required a lot of reflection on my past and the digging up of old memories. Although the treatment had absolutely nothing to do with the art/graffiti portion my life, I did have many different memories pop up surrounding those times. It is amazing the abundance of clarity that comes from being able to weigh different sets of life experiences off one another. I do not think that I would be able to understand a lot of what happened in my early years had it not been for everything that I have learned over these last handful of years.

It has been just short of 10 years now since I made a conscious effort to change my life for the better and to travel a greater path. There were a couple defining moments that I can look back on now and see with greater clarity how God was guiding my life. Amid the great mental fog that I was experiencing due to heavy cannabis and alcohol consumption, I somehow knew deep inside that the only thing that would get me out of the hole in life that I was in was to learn as much as I could about everything I could. The desire to become a disciple of life, so to speak, was born and in a short period of time I became obsessed with learning. In hindsight, I can see that the ground conditions were perfect for what would eventually become a tremendous and ongoing harvest of goodness in and around my life. God really is so good! The only thing I needed to do, my responsibility, was to turn that addiction energy from substance abuse over to learning abuse and to give myself a little credit, I was at least able to make that one quality decision.

Again, now as time has progressed on in my life and things have changed so dramatically from where I had been, I’ve been utterly perplexed and increasingly distraught as to how to give it all back. One of my mentors, Marc Bradley, has a saying.. “If you know it, teach it, if you believe, preach it”. So how do I share my testimony? How can I teach all the things that I have been taught? How? How? How? I’ll be honest, the struggle to find my voice or my platform has been a challenge in and of itself. Navigating through the overabundance of subjects, concepts, and ideas that I have learned and thinking about how to reflect that all back with some type of clarity and understandability has tormented me at times.

Yet there is one reoccurring theme that has showed up over and over across the board, in my art, in my building profession, literally everywhere. It is something that I believe has the most profound potential for reshaping our lives and the state of world in which we all live. It is Process. Specifically, the Creation Process. I’m talking outer space, well past 30,000 ft view Creation Process. We are talking established, universal, God’s law on the subject kind of process. The best part of all, we as humans are an essential part of that process.

See the thing about laws is that they are fixed. There will always and eternally be consequences and outcome effects stemming from root causes. Every single one of us human beings are living subject to these laws not only physical in nature but spiritual in nature. Some of us know them, some of us do not. Some of us use them intentionally, some of us do not. Furthermore, I am not the only person to understand that. In fact, there are a bunch of teachers who have come before me, many of which lay it all out better than I ever could. Yet, I am one who has seen it. One who has caught a glimpse of what is behind the curtain and the weight of that responsibility rests on my shoulders, trust me I feel it. My sole interest in sharing what I know is in the hope that you, the reader, the listener, the viewer may be the one that moves from a reactive state in life to a proactive state. That you may begin to recognize the incredible power that you have been given and delegated by God almighty himself. More importantly, that you, with a clear conscious and clean character can decisively act with upright intentions to be the one to make this world a better place. Will you use the gifts that you have been given in your own niche, avenue or lane to do what is necessary to make this world a better place? With that responsibility, will YOU be one who is able to respond??

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Your writing continues to make me think ponder and dig a little deeper. Please keep sharing in this process. I am insired by your thoughts, thank you

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